How to Determine Your Body Shape and Dress Properly?

Do you realize how essential it is to know your body shape and dress accordingly to accentuate your body features?

Women have different body shapes and sizes from each other but how they carry themselves, in the long run, is the key to glamor. Different body shapes make it difficult for women to choose dresses that will complement their body shape.

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So, if you want to determine your body shape and style accordingly, keep on reading this blog.
Let's dive in!

How to determine your body shape?

Most people think that weight and height play a role in different body shapes but it is not true. Body shape depends on the body's skeletal frame and muscle composition, which means that body shape highly depends on genetics.

Don't know your body silhouette? Worry not, as by taking a few steps, you can easily determine your body shape.

To determine your body type, you must pay attention to your curves and how they connect your bust, hips, and waist after puberty.

Take a tape measure and measure the sizes of your shoulders, bust, hips, and waist in inches. Depending on the size of each body part, you can determine what clothes would be suit able for your body shape.

Moreover, there is no such thing as a perfect body shape. All body types have their benefits and drawbacks but how you dress up according to it matters the most to look your best, as it will also boost your self-esteem and confidence.


The most common body shapes

If you know your body shape, then you can easily select the clothes which highlight and accentuate your best body features, making you feel confident and decent.

So, what are the four most common body types?

  • Pear-shaped body type

  • Apple-shaped body type

  • Athletic-shaped body type

  • Hourglass-shaped body type

Let's have a detailed look at each body shape.

  • Pear-shaped body type

The pear-shaped body type, also known as the triangle shape or bottom-heavy, is exactly like the shape of a pear, which is slender from the top and wider at the bottom. Almost 20 percent (20%) of women have hips that are significantly larger than the bust and shoulders making it a pear-shaped body type.

A female who has a pear-shaped body type has smaller shoulders, bust, and waist but wider hips and thighs.

Moreover, the pear-shaped body type is usually described as the most curvaceous, and full-figure body type.

  • Apple-shaped body type

The apple-shaped body type, also known as an inverted triangle, round body, or top-heavy body resembles the shape of an apple. Approximately 14 percent (14%) of women have an apple-shaped body type with shoulders and chests broader than hips and thighs with no or little waistline definition.

Although the limbs are specifically slim, especially the arms, the chest and shoulders are broader in size, and the hips and legs are not necessarily curvy.

  • Athletic-shaped body type

The athletic-shaped body type, also known as rectangle or straight shape, is the most common body shape, which makes up 46 percent (46%) of women. The athletic-shaped body type is not as curvaceous as the pear or apple-shaped body type.

Rectangle-shaped body types have nearly the same or similar measurements for their shoulders, bust, and hips but the waist is not well-defined. Moreover, the weight is relatively evenly distributed throughout the body in a female with an athletic-shaped body type.

  • Hourglass-shaped body type

The hourglass-shaped body type, also known as the curvy body type, is the least common body shape accounting for approximately 8 percent (8%) of women.

Hourglass-shaped body types have even or similar bust and hips measurements but significantly narrower and more well-defined waists. Females who have an hourglass
-shaped body types have a significantly indented waist.

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How to dress for your body type?

A thorough understanding of body shape helps in selecting the best outfit that will flaunt and significantly accentuate your best body features and curves.

So, how can you dress according to your body silhouette? What outfits will highlight your best body features?

Each body shape is unique and different, so different types of outfits compliment each body shape.

  • How to dress for the pear-shaped body type?

The females with pear-shaped body types should wear outfits that enhance the shoulder and bust area to grab attention.
Wear wide-legged or flared pants, A-line skirts with ruffled tops, and embellished necklines to draw attention to the upper body. An hourglass body shape illusion may be created by wearing skinny jeans or pants with loose tops. To balance the lower and upper halves of the body, wear crop tops, plunging V-necks, boxy coats, padded jackets, etc.

Pear-shaped body types can complete their look by wearing some accessories such as a statement or layered necklace along with long earrings.

Avoid wearing clothes such as skin-fitting tops, halter necklines, and loose bottoms, as these types of apparel will not prominently highlight your best body features.

  • How to dress for an apple-shaped body type?

The females with apple-shaped body types should wear costumes that enhance their lower bodies by creating an illusion of an elongated torso.

Wear printed floral dresses, patterned jackets, flowy tunics, full or 3/4th sleeve dresses, A-line coats, and empire cuts if you have an apple-shaped body type.

Also, flared-bottom pants, flappers, and palazzo can be worn to create a balance. Remember to wear the right bra size as you already have a bigger bust.

Pear-shaped body types can enhance their look by wearing accessories such as bracelets, statement or chunky rings, oversized earrings, etc.

Avoid wearing tight dresses and tops with skinny jeans as this will reveal your body shape.

  • How to dress for an athletic-shaped body type?

Since the athletic or rectangular body shape is not curvy, the silhouette is not well-defined. Athletic-shaped body types can be enhanced by accentuating the legs and other curves.

Wear A-line skirts, ruffled and multilayered tops, plunging necklines, blazers, long jackets, capes, and coats to enhance athletic-shaped body details. Also, sleeveless and strapless dresses will upgrade the entire look.

To draw attention to the upper body, add some unique earrings, and layered necklaces, or wear a scarf. If you have long and slender arms, wear some chunky bangles.
Avoid wearing overarching dresses that cover up the whole body.

  • How to dress for an hourglass-shaped body type?

Women who have an hourglass-shaped body type should try to wear dresses that just fit the right curves and follow along the silhouette. This body type is the least common but the most attractive body type due to its well-balanced figure.

To flaunt the upper body, wear V or plunge V and sweetheart necklines.
Wear a belt to define the waistline. A-line or similar dresses help in highlighting the lower body. Also, try to wear body-hugging and tight dresses to define your body shape.

Complete your look by donning skinny waist belts, and necklaces. Don't forget to carry a clutch or a purse, as it will play a role in accentuating your soft, flowy curves.

Almost everything looks great on an hourglass-shaped body type, but loose tops or bottoms might kill the vibe of the entire look.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the easiest body shape to dress?

Athletic-shaped body type is the easiest to dress because nowadays most dresses are designed keeping this shape in mind.

2. Can body shape be changed?

Body shape cannot be changed completely as it mostly depends on genes but losing/adding some fat all over the body may help to enhance and define the body shape.

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