It all started with an idea to create functional pieces. Our pieces are meant to give you the solutions to your problems. For example, we offer many stretchy, padded dresses/tops so that when you wear them, you can feel both comfortable and confident at the same time. We try to accomplish all of that through thoughtful design, ethical production, and sustainability.

Thoughtful design: Each piece you see is carefully chosen by how it can be both fashionable and comfortable. We consciously choose not to design entire collections but create pieces we feel most confident in.

Ethical production: We are focused on ethically sourcing our products with the highest quality possible. This means we have partnered with reputable vendors in Los Angeles that are sustainable and socially responsible: warehouse workers receive fair pay and work within a healthy environment.

Sustainability: According to EPA reports, Americans generate over 15 million tons of textile waste a year. Therefore, we choose to produce small units for every new item to control each unit's quality better rather than produce large units and contribute to environmental harm. We prioritize quality over quantity.

Our mission

Build the brand based on your wants and needs. We always gather your feedback to help improve our brand and develop the design that meets your desire. Also, our pieces are named after you to show our gratitude toward you!